Saturday, November 29, 2008

passive agressive hiku

listion up every one
who ever is stealing the forks
you are an ass hole

this is the last time
if you do not clean this now
you will fucking pay

I woke up at two
keep it down and grow up friend
some here are adults

this must be removed
if i see this stuff still here
i will throw it out


Emily said...

i like how quietly
you're chewing, like a man whose
broken jaw's wired shut.

prrrrty goood said...

the white loading dock
is for loading only, please
don't unload at this dock

// SPM said...

your pretty angry.
use your knife to discipline
the kids around you

Allegra said...

i like the second to last one the best becasue i like it when "adults" show their power by referring to themselves as "adults"

oh and the word I have to type in for word verification to submit this comment is: lompin