Thursday, May 22, 2008


so i had this sort of amazing dream where i cut out a space for my left eye over my nose and pushed it over so that i could squint and look like a cyclops. later in that dream once the i saw it in the mirror and the bruising had gone down and it looks shocking realistic. i had preformed the operation in front of the mirror and there was no bleeding or pain but after this second look the dream became more logical and "realistic" and this is where the dream turned in to a knight mare i started to think about how eventually I'm going to have to put my eye back and than when i did try i realised that the way i had moved it in the first place did not make any sense and that there was not a connective passage between the eye socket and the nasal socket that i had created and worse yet my eye had fallen back to just above my throat. at this point i was becoming griped more and more tightly with anxiety and when i checked to find the optical cable still attached but likely damaged the anxiety woke me up. interesting dream il have to have legrama tell me what i means
the painting by Paul Davies

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