Wednesday, March 12, 2008

craigslist m4w

HEY im the it guy
you know the one every one wants to be around
so if you want to be more popular and/or feal better about youre self
i think you know who you want to be around starting
so lets hang out i have a verry big house
i use to live more modestly but i now have so many firends ( im popular and getting more so by the week)
that there are alwas a hand full just HANGING OUT so yeah.
i had to hire a personal assistant just hang round my house so that i could run to the store ( in my CAR)
and not make anyone uncomfortable while i was gone (like hey man you shure you want us hanging round youre house while you are gone)
im genrous to a fault
and im not just saying that
i have verry mony left and will so have to sell my house that i love and my CAR as well
i have been eating noodles with out sause for 21 days just to save.
i have a problem i just cant say no
and i have to be srounded by people who apear to like me at all times
so if you want to be one of my lady in the middle of all this hit me up
i have pic of my house and CAR if you do


and this one got a responce

wow a lot of people who want a long term relationship also like Lord of The Rings
you think its the climate?

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